First Contact, From Motherhood to Mother Nature.

As new parents, we look for all of the ways we can give baby the best start in life. One of the most important first gifts we can give to our children is the bond created by skin-to-skin contact between mother and child. There are a multitude of health benefits, mental, physical, and emotional, that are tied up in this essential first contact. At Little Nature Lover, we understand the importance of creating a lifetime bond through first contact between the skin of mother and baby. We also feel that subsequent contact with baby’s delicate skin is just as important. Let the next bond created with your child through contact, be another important one, baby’s first time bonding with Mother Nature.


Little Nature Lover offers hand crafted apparel that uses only what Mother Nature provides. The result is an organic clothing line, free of any unnatural or harsh chemicals, with designs inspired by Nature’s neutral palette. Mother Nature and Motherhood were the inspirations for Little Nature Lover, but did you know the products are also Mother-made? Our company takes pride in the fact that we employ an all-female staff, the majority of whom are mothers! It is one of the reasons we share a common ethos here at Little Nature Lover. We place a strong emphasis on an eco-friendly production process in order to produce a high quality, hypoallergenic product for baby.


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