Frequently asked questions:

Are all of our items in our store 100% organic?

Yes, everything in our store is made with 100% organically grown cotton.

Where do we make our items?

Most of our items are made in the USA. We carry a few items that are made overseas and are G.O.T.S Certified.

Is our clothing G.O.T.S Certified?

Our clothing made overseas is G.O.T.S Certified.

Our USA made clothing is not G.O.T.S certified because our organic certification comes from the Texas Department of Agriculture which is regulated and must adhere to the organic standards set forth by the USDA.

GOTS was created to regulate the textile and apparel industry overseas in lesser developed countries with little to no governmental or environmental regulations, USA has regulatory bodies that enforce everything from child labor laws to environmental pollution.

What kind of dyes do we use?

We only use low impact eco-friendly dyes that are Oeko Tex Standard 100. Our low impact dyes do not harm the environment.

Can I return/exchange a purchase?

You can return or exchange an item within 7 business days. Items can be returned/exchanged only if the item was not worn or washed and remains in the original packaging.

Once we receive your item back we will issue a refund or exchange.

Can I cancel an order that was placed?

Yes, you can cancel the order, if the order has not shipped. Custom orders cannot be cancelled.